Patio Design – Tips for Creating a New Backyard Oasis

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The most exciting thing about a new patio design is that it can transform your outdoor space into a retreat that’s all your own. From a simple place to gather with friends on warm nights, to a luxury poolside sanctuary, to a nook where you can enjoy your surrounding garden, a patio can enhance almost any backyard pastime you enjoy.

A patio design can include an upscale fire pit if you dream of summer evenings under the stars. The can include a water feature and extensive planters for a green, meditative feel. If you have the space and love to entertain, consider creating a sophisticated outdoor kitchen where you can live in the summer months. Whatever design you choose, your new patio is an opportunity to spend more time outdoors and give kids, friends, and even pets a new and stimulating place to relax and gather.

Purpose & Location of Your New Patio

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In the planning phase, it’s time to consider both the purpose and the location of your new patio. Your designer and/or contractor will help you evaluate your space and needs:

  • Do you have a sprawling backyard that needs definition, or do you want to make the most out of limited space?
  • Do you have teenagers with friends who are constantly coming and going?
  • Are you planning around already existing elements, such as a hot tub or swimming pool?
  • Do you want to create several discrete seating areas by dividing the space with planters or other features?
  • Do you or your spouse enjoy cooking outdoors?
  • Do you have a view or a focal point—and if not, do you want to create one with plants or a fountain?

These and other questions will kickstart your thought process and ensure that you’ve considered all of the variables.

A very useful exercise during the planning phase is to consider what sort of furniture you intend to use on the patio. If you have or would like to purchase a table that seats 12, it’s important to plan accordingly. A patio swing or hammock, comfortable sofas, or even a bar can be incorporated into your new patio — just make sure you know what you want before the work begins!

Patio Design Materials & Costs

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Every project has a budget, and the materials you choose will account for a great deal of the cost of your patio. Fortunately, there is an extensive range of options to create a beautiful and functional patio at many different price points.

Basic materials for creating a patio include:

  • Concrete ($6-$17 per square foot)
  • Brick ($8-$12 per square foot)
  • Pavers ($10-$25 per square foot)
  • Flagstone ($15-$30 per square foot)

Within these groups there are various options that represent a range of costs. In terms of concrete, a simple poured concrete patio would be the least expensive, while a stamped and colored concrete patio, which is more labor intensive to create, would put you at the high end of the concrete price spectrum. Likewise, the vast variety of different pavers and types of flagstone represent a wide range of pricing.

The complexity of your patio design will also factor into the cost. A standard square or rectangular patio will be easier to lay and therefore less expensive than a curvy, circular, or multi-level patio. Another consideration is the preparation of the subgrade, or the earth underneath the patio. In a properly prepared site, the foundation is dug to the correct depth, and the ground is compacted and any drainage issues are resolved. Consult your contractor for more information regarding the condition of your site and how much work it will require before installation.

Size, Layout, & Shape of Your New Patio Design

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Due to the flexibility of the materials involved, a patio can truly take any size and shape that you may need or want. Check home and gardening magazines as well as resources like Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration.

A circular shape could suit a smaller space with a round dining table, fire pit, or other focal point in the middle. Free-form shapes with curved, sweeping lines look modern and informal. Using two or more types of material to offset different sections of a larger patio can add interest and make it feel more organic. A non-standard shape may add to the cost, but if it suits your taste, it will be well worth it.

Choosing a Contractor for Your New Patio

Hiring the right contractor is crucial to achieving a solid, long-lasting, comfortable, and attractive patio. You should look to an experienced contractor for advice on the best location, a shape that enhances your space, and a material that blends well with your surroundings. The right patio contractor will listen to your ideas and should always be able to tell you specifically how they can be improved upon. Good communication with your contractor is key to the success of your project.

Before hiring a contractor, ask the following questions:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Can I see pictures of your previous work?
  • Can you supply references?
  • What is the estimated duration of this project?
  • What time do you begin and end your work day?
  • What is the cost of my project per square foot?
  • Do you carry workers compensation and liability insurance? (Always verify that they do.)

You don’t necessarily want to select the least-expensive bid for your patio. Before hiring anyone, make sure that you are confident that you are dealing with an honest contractor who will do the job right and stand behind his work.

A Patio Design Contractor in Media You Can Rely On

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A well-designed patio provides enjoyment for many months out of the year. It can also add value to a home similarly to a bathroom or kitchen renovation. That’s why it’s important to turn to Mancill Builders, Delaware County’s go-to contractor for both interior and exterior design and renovation. We have served the local area for over 35 years and in doing so have become experts in the area’s architecture, soil and ground composition, and plants, as well as local standards and code. Patio, deck, and porch design are passions of ours, and we’d love to discuss your project in detail. Call Mancill Builders today to find out how we can bring your dream patio to life!