Popular Home Styles — Which one is Right for You?

The first step of designing a custom home is choosing which home style is right for you. There is a vast variety of designs that meet different aesthetic desires and practical needs. Depending on your personal preference, you may even take elements from different home styles to create a totally customized household. Let’s discuss some of the most popular home styles that are still widely loved throughout the U.S.

Pre-20th Century Home Styles

Historic homes are quite popular with people who have a taste for elements of the past. If you have a liking for traditional aesthetics and appreciate the architecture of previous eras, you may want to choose one of the following designs.

victorian era home

Victorian—Victorian homes became popular in the U.S. in the late 1800s and are inspired by the styles during Queen Victoria’s reign in England. These homes often have vibrant colors and complex and ornate facades. They often have beautiful porches and romantic features. These homes are incredibly unique and are sure to draw attention thanks to their distinctive appearance.

Tudor—This style originated in England during the late 1890s and is inspired by the era during which the Tudor family ruled Great Britain. These homes take influence from the 15th and 16th centuries and include elements such as brick exteriors, large chimneys, ornate entryways, and steep rooflines.

colonial home styles

Colonials—Colonial houses are the most popular in the U.S. dating back to the late 1800s. They are defined by the floor plan of the bedrooms on the top floor and the living space and kitchen on the bottom floor. The exterior is often wood or brick and the windows are generally smaller. These homes are popular in the Northeast for their ability to conserve energy and fend off harsh winters. They have tremendous potential for home additions and always have a classic, traditional appeal.

20th Century Home Styles

Craftsman—Popularized in the 1900s craftsman homes became prominent during the Arts and Crafts era. These homes are defined by their interiors that contain lots of natural stone and wood as well as built in seating, shelving, and other practical features. The floor plans are open, encouraging flow throughout the household and utilizing natural light. Their exposed beams are a unique and distinctive feature.

mediterranean home style

Mediterranean—These homes were popularized in the early 20th century, between the 1910s and 1940s. They are reflective of homes in European countries such as Italy and Spain. These homes are equipped with a courtyard and balconies, making them popular in warmer climates such as the Southwest, California, and Florida. The colors are often bright and warm tones and are paired with wooden features like doors and beams.

cottage home

Cottage—These quaint abodes are reminiscent of the 1920s with stone, stucco, or brick exteriors. Their small stature and charming details create a warm and cozy appeal. Since they’re quite small, they are often less expensive to build and tend to make great vacation homes with an inviting porch and bright colors.

Cape Cod—Named for the area in which they were popularized, Cape Cod homes rose in popularity in the 1920s and 1930s. These homes are great for colder climates as their shutters, fireplaces, and low ceilings are all elements that fight harsh winters and retain heat.

Midcentury Modern—Not to be confused with contemporary, midcentury modern homes became popular during the late 1940s to the early 1960s. Elements of these homes include materials such as plywood and steel, which were newly incorporated into architecture after the war. Their aesthetic utilizes lines and geometry to create a futuristic feel. The large windows encourage natural light throughout the household. Midcentury modern furniture and architecture is making a strong comeback in the 21st century.

ranch style home

Ranch—Ranch homes are categorized by simple floor plans and are often just one story. They rose in popularity during the suburban housing boom and still persist as a popular style today. They typically have an attached garage and are significantly less expensive to build due to their simplicity. Like colonials, they have lots of potential for additions.

Current Home Styles

If you’re looking for a truly up-to-date home, contemporary is likely the choice for you. Contemporary homes reflect “today”, meaning the past 30-40 years of architecture.

contemporary home design

Contemporary—This style is categorized by the current trends of new homes in the 21st century. These homes have sleek and minimalist designs that maximize efficiency and keep things quite simple. Oftentimes contemporary homes utilize recycled and sustainable materials in order to cater to an eco-friendlier lifestyle. A popular trend among environmentalists is the “tiny house”, often clocking in at under 400 square feet, maximizing space and minimizing energy use.

Custom Homes by Mancill Builders

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