Building a Home Addition to Increase Living Space

Is your house starting to feel too small? It could be that children are growing up and need their own rooms, or maybe an elderly loved one has moved in so you can help care for them. Maybe the dining room has become a makeshift office and there isn’t enough room for everyone to sit around the table for a meal anymore. The good news is that you don’t have to purchase a new home to get that much needed space. Instead, you can build a home addition to increase living space and create exactly the room your family needs.

Ground Level Build Out

ground level build out

One way to increase your square footage is to add onto the ground level floor of your home. There are quite a few different functional living spaces you can add to the first floor, such as a mudroom or perhaps a laundry room with plenty of storage. If you enjoy entertaining, you could add a spacious living room or a formal dining room. Building a family room, game room, or home theater is also a great way to add multi-functional space that everyone can enjoy.

A bright, cheery breakfast nook is relatively cost effective, or you could go all out and build a new, stylish kitchen with all the appliances and cabinet space you could ever need. Many families also add a 1st floor master bedroom suite or guest bedroom, which can be especially useful if getting up and down those stairs isn’t quite as easy as it used to be. Building any of these home additions to increase living space will make a big difference.

Second Floor Build Up

second floor build up

Another option for a home addition to increase living space is a second floor build up, where you add space to the second floor, usually over an existing structure. If your family is growing in number or size, adding an additional bedroom could be the perfect solution. Or maybe you could build a stunning master bedroom suite complete with a walk-in closet. Although the plumbing must be altered, it is very feasible to add a bathroom to the second floor as well.

With more and more people working from home, adding a home office has become quite common. Craft or sewing rooms can also be a great addition and give you the space and privacy you need to pursue your favorite hobby without cluttering up the rest of the house.

One of the benefits of a second floor build up is that it allows you to add a home addition to increase living space vertically, which means you don’t have to sacrifice space in your yard or disrupt existing landscaping.

Adding Square Footage in Unfinished Spaces

adding living space to unfinished rooms

You can also finish an existing space, such as a basement, porch, garage, or attic in order to add precious usable square footage to your home. Too many times these unfinished rooms are either left empty or, worse, become a repository for junk that you don’t need but aren’t willing to throw away. By finishing such a space, you can declutter and get organized. The space can be turned into almost anything you want, from a bedroom for teenagers or guests, a game room, a “man cave,” a workshop – the possibilities are endless.

Decks and patios can be turned into beautiful areas for entertaining outside. You can set aside space for your lawn furniture, then add an outdoor kitchen, bar, and fireplace. Porches and patios can also be enclosed to create sunrooms that bring the outdoors a little bit closer while still providing a comfortable, climate-controlled interior.

Detached Additions

Another option is to build above an existing detached garage. This is a fantastic way to create a workshop, add more room for storage, or build an entire guest suite or garage apartment that is separate from the home. One benefit of this type of addition is that you don’t have to turn your home upside down while the work is taking place.

Other Ideas for Building a Home Addition to Increase Living Space

bumpout addition

Adding a bump-out or dormer is a solution that adds to the existing space you have in your attic and other rooms. In addition to providing more square footage and natural light to your attic, creating dormers has the added benefit of increasing the existing curb appeal of your home. This type of addition can be seen from the street, making it appear larger.

Bump-outs can be added to any room in the house, providing a smaller nook or area for a desk, closet, pantry, etc.

How Much Do Additions Cost?

Home additions such as those described above can be expensive depending on the size and finishes. However, these additions not only add to the comfort and functionality of your home but can significantly increase the market value of your property.

The cost of an addition will vary greatly depending on the type and size, as well as its location (e.g., ground floor, detached, basement). Some extravagant basement and attic remodels can cost between $65,000 and $70,000 dollars, while simpler ones may run up to about $20,000. Adding a family room may cost up to $90,000, but the return on your investment is quite high. Costs for constructing a second story is most likely will be a minimum of $50,000 but adds a great deal of square footage and value to your house.

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