Hire a General Contractor for your next Home Renovation

A home renovation is an exciting project that can completely change your home and improve your daily life. However, they can be stressful and taxing without the support and assistance from a knowledgeable team. Homeowners may believe that this is a task that can be tackled without hiring a general contractor, but it’s important that you understand how beneficial it is to have the experts on your side. Let’s discuss the role a general contractor plays in a home renovation project and why you should hire a quality contractor.

What is a General Contractor?

A general contractor spearheads the operation of a home renovation. Their responsibilities include overseeing the project, coordinating all logistics, hiring builders and other employees, purchasing materials, staying on schedule and within budget, as well as handling all legal matters such as building codes and permits.

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Since general contractors possess experience and connections, they are capable of taking on these tasks that the average homeowner would be overwhelmed by. These facets of home improvement are equally important and choosing to hire with a general contractor ensures that each step of the process is smooth and efficient.

Why You Should Hire a General Contractor

Now that we’ve discussed what general contractors do, we can break down the importance of each part of a home improvement project that they fulfill and why it’s necessary to have an expert at the helm.

Developing the Vision

Though you may have a general idea of what you’d like done to your home, it can be difficult to put into words or to create an actionable plan without any experience in home improvements. Good general contractors have several successful projects under their belt and realistic visions of all types of renovations. Working directly with a contractor ensures that your wants and needs are all met in a timely manner and through an efficient process.

Stick to the Plan

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After creating a plan for a home renovation, it is crucial to not only stay on track but to be able to adapt if the original direction changes. General contractors are responsible for creating a detailed plan that outlines each step of the project with specific timeframes and an end date. They are also charged with keeping track of the finances and ensuring you do not exceed the set budget. They are able to account for potential roadblocks and changes to the plan and can keep the project moving forward without major slowdowns or increased expenses. When you take on a project without proper guidance, it is likely to take much longer and be more expensive.

The Best Materials and Labor

Employing experienced builders and using high-quality materials will produce top-notch results. General contractors have connections within the community that allow them to assemble a capable and experienced team to work on your home. They also have extensive knowledge of building materials and know exactly what’s needed to create a durable and beautiful renovation.

Peace of Mind

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Taking on a home renovation by yourself can be extremely daunting, which is made worse by the potential for damages or violations. If you do not have the training, you could cause much more harm than good to your home and then have to shell out in order to fix it. Also, without proper knowledge of codes and permits, you may violate local law and end up in a difficult legal situation that you’ll have to navigate without support. General contractors are insured so if any damage comes from their work, you do not have to pay out of pocket to fix it. They also have a full and comprehensive understanding of all local laws that you’ll need to follow for your renovation. This way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that these aspects of your project are in the hands of a reliable person.

Tips for Hiring a General Contractor

In order to get you started on your home renovation journey, let’s go over some helpful tips for hiring a reliable general contractor.

Ask Questions

No question is a dumb question. Communication is absolutely crucial. Before your first consultation with a contractor, write up a list of questions you have and try to express your vision for the project clearly. Be sure to ask about the timeframe, their insurance, how long they’ve been in business, and if they offer a warranty.

Get References

It’s always good to get proof from a contractor that they execute projects up to your standards. Ask for a portfolio and contact information of previous clients. Ask the clients about their experience and if they genuinely recommend working with the contractor. Also, ask about how their renovation has held up and if there have been any issues after construction.

Discuss Costs


Your first consultation with a contractor should always be at no cost to you. Bring a proposed budget to the first meeting and see how they can work within that budget. Understand that your budget may not be enough for your vision and be prepared to be flexible. Always get the estimated costs in writing and work out a payment schedule that you both agree to.

Home Renovation by Mancill Builders

Mancill Builders has been serving the community for over four decades and we have extensive knowledge of home renovation. We believe in supporting our clients at every step of the process and we are dedicated to delivering the best results possible on each project we take on. Your total satisfaction is guaranteed because we stand firmly by our work. No matter what your request is, we will work hard in order to reach your desired vision. Contact Mancill Builders today to set up your first free consultation!