FAQs for Your Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling your bathroom is an opportunity to express your personal style and vision in a very important space in your home. The bathroom is often the last room you use before you go to sleep at night and the first room you enter when you wake up. A newly remodeled bathroom can boost to the resale value of your home, but most importantly can improve the daily enjoyment and ease of use of this crucial space. But how do you begin the process? What is involved? How long will it take? At Mancill Builders, we aim to take the stress out of the remodeling experience for our clients. We have compiled a list of FAQs for your bathroom remodel to help you begin to conceptualize the process.

How Long Will the Remodel Take?

faqs for your bathroom remodel

This is one of the most frequently asked question about bathroom remodels. Understandably, clients want and need to know how long a project will take so they can plan.

The scale of the remodel will most likely dictate the length of time the project will take. A full remodel involves a complete renovation of the existing space and requires a permit. This type of project could take anywhere from four to eight weeks or more. A simple bathroom makeover will take less time. Once we meet, see the space, and discuss your intentions for the project, we will be able to give you an accurate time frame for the remodel.

What Is Involved in the Bathroom Remodel Process?

Here is a general outline of a bathroom remodel:

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  • Consultation, design, and proposal phase
  • Finalize details of project and sign contract
  • Choose, order, and have materials delivered
  • Demolition and removal of old structures and appliances
  • Installation of new drywall, appliances, flooring, plumbing, electrical, and painting
  • Detailing and clean up

Throughout the process we will be in contact with you providing updates on the progress and keeping you abreast of any changes along the way.

How Do I Prepare the Bathroom?

You will simply need to remove any personal belongings from the space. We will take care of protecting the surrounding areas and ensuring that there is as little impact on your home as possible.

Can I Change the Existing Layout?

Common FAQs for your bathroom remodel usually include changing the existing layout of the bathroom. The short answer is yes, it can be changed. While some remodels are less involved than others, many bathrooms were poorly designed originally and are in need of a complete overhaul. During the consultation and design phase of the process, we will determine the scope of the remodel according to your needs and desires. It can be helpful to look for ideas in magazines and online.

What Types of Tile Can I Choose From?

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There are many tile options available, from ceramic, porcelain, and stone to glass and even metal. Tile comes in many colors, shapes, and styles, so you can get exactly the floor and walls to match your style.

Tile specifically made for bathroom floors and surfaces is designed to accommodate frequent exposure to water. Once you narrow down your tile preferences, we will help you find the type of tile that best suits your needs.

Is an Exhaust Fan Necessary in My Bathroom?

This is one of the more important FAQs for your bathroom remodel. Though code does not require an exhaust fan if your bathroom has a window, we highly recommend installing a fan. It is ideal to have two sources of moisture removal (both fan and window). Without an exhaust fan, moisture and mildew will build up over time.

Bathroom fixtures, walls, and ceilings are susceptible to damage because they are exposed to a high amount of humidity on a daily basis. An exhaust fan elongates the life of the bathroom and will protect your investment over time.

What Would Make a Small Bathroom Feel Larger?

bathroom remodel faqs

Design elements such as the size and type of fixtures you choose, lighting, and color palette all impact the feeling of spaciousness in a bathroom. In the design phase we will assist you in choosing features that enhance the feeling of spaciousness.

For example, certain appliances and structures such as compact toilets and pedestal sinks are specially designed for smaller bathrooms. Good lighting can go a long way to create a feeling of expansiveness in a smaller space. Choosing a lighter color palette can create a more spacious visual impact as well. We can help you make choices to maximize the space you do have so that you are delighted with the results.

How Much Will My Bathroom Remodel Cost?

This may possibly be the most important question of your FAQs for your bathroom remodel. And the answer is…it depends on your budget. Although some costs are fixed, many of the choices you make can be customized to fit your budget. There are a number of elements that go into a bathroom remodel, and options that range from economical to luxurious. Often it can be more economical to choose a few higher end items that will stand out and make a statement while keeping the rest of the features standard.

FAQs for Your Bathroom Remodel Answered by Delco’s #1 General Contractor

At Mancill, we want you to love the results and to enjoy your newly remodeled bathroom for years to come. We have been in the business for over forty years, and we understand that entrusting your home to a general contractor can be daunting. We do everything we can to streamline the process in order to make it as efficient and pleasant as possible for our clients. Join the list of hundreds of satisfied customers in the Delaware Valley area — contact Mancill Builders today!