Energy Efficient Home Cooling Solutions

energy efficient home cooling

Most of us love summertime, but we don’t like the higher electricity bills that always go along with it! Fortunately, there are cost-effective and energy efficient home cooling measures you can take to keep your house at a pleasant temperature during the hot summer months. These methods are more environmentally responsible than turning down the temperature on the AC. Rest assured that with a few improvements and strategies, you can keep your house cooler without using more energy.

Block Out Light to Improve Home Cooling

Home improvements that help block out light can permanently increase the efficiency and cooling power of your home and are well worth the investment.

Install Awnings

One simple method of energy efficient home cooling is using stylish awnings above your windows and doors. Not only can they add to the beauty of your home, they will also help keep indoor temperatures low by blocking heat-generating sunlight.

Use Lighter Colors

energy efficient home cooling

Lighter-colored siding is known to be quite effective at reflecting both heat and sunlight while darker colors absorb light and trap heat. The use of light colors is also recommended when choosing patio and deck materials.

Create a Cool Roof

Another option for keeping indoor temperatures down during the hot summer months is to turn your existing roof into a cool roof. Unlike standard roofs, cool roofs reflect more sunlight and heat, resulting in roof temperatures of up to 50°F lower. Your roof can be converted into a cool roof using a specially formulated reflective paint, highly reflective roof shingles or tiles, or even a reflective sheet covering. A cool roof is not only an energy efficient home cooling solution, but it adds to your property value, too.

Keep Heat Out for Better Home Cooling

As obvious as it may seem, the more heat you can keep out of your home, the cooler it will be. There are several different strategies for keeping heat out in the summer (and cold out in the winter), such as building new structures with advanced house framing techniques, and replacing old windows and glass doors.

Advanced House Framing

Advanced house framing is available for new-build homes as well as new extensions to an existing home. Advanced house framing or “optimum value engineering,” uses an optimized combination of increased insulation and less wood in the framing. The result is better insulation that can reduce your air conditioning costs by up to 5%.

Replacing Old Windows and Glass Doors

energy efficient home cooling

Replacing old windows and glass doors is another step you can take to keep the heat out more effectively. According to the Department of Energy, up to 30% of the unwanted heat that makes its way into your home comes through windows. Newer windows and doors are rated according to their level of insulation against both heat and cold and are designed to insulate your home from temperature changes outside. You can replace your existing windows and doors with more attractive, better-engineered models that will make a significant difference in your monthly heating and cooling bills.

Consulting with a Professional

If you aren’t planning a new home or a new addition right now, you can consult with a contractor to find out what you can do to improve the insulation quality of your house. There are so many ways that heat can make its way in, and a professional can help you identify a strategy to address your home’s weak spots.

Easy Cooling Solutions

Some inexpensive yet effective options of energy efficient home cooling include creating shade (naturally or by using blinds) and improving airflow through your home.

Creating Shade

energy efficient home cooling

Natural shade can be created by having trees strategically planted around your property, especially in areas where the summer sun shines directly on your home. Shade can also be created by installing blinds or new window treatments that are designed to block out sunlight. Some experts estimate that a home’s indoor temperatures can be lowered by up to 20°F simply by closing blinds.

Improving Airflow

Another key tactic is to improve the airflow in your home. For example, when summer comes, switch the direction of your ceiling fans so that they run counterclockwise. Counterclockwise rotations will push the cool air down where you need it the most. You can also take advantage of existing exhaust fans to flush out the steam from cooking or hot showers and baths. Finally, remember to keep the doors to unused rooms closed and doors to occupied rooms open to maximize the efficacy of the airflow.

Energy Efficient Home Cooling by Mancill Builders

energy efficient home cooling

Mancill Builders has over 40 years of experience serving the Delaware County community, and we can help you address your home’s energy efficiency needs. We can install awnings, reflective siding, and/or a cool roof on your home. We can also implement advanced house framing for any new additions you plan to have built, as well as replace your windows and glass doors with more modern, better insulating models.

If you aren’t sure where to start, we can also provide a professional energy assessment of your home that will identify the best energy efficient home cooling options for you. Don’t wait for the temperatures to get any higher – contact Mancill Builders today to find an energy-saving plan for your home that is both economical and green!