FAQs for Delaware County Home Additions

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The winter months can be a great time to start thinking about additions and renovations to your home. Not only can an addition add to the attractiveness and enjoyment of your home, it can also add significant value to it. Below are some frequently asked questions about Delaware County home additions and renovations, covering issues such as cost and value as well as how to get started.

How Much Do Delaware County Home Additions Typically Cost?

According to HomeAdvisor, the national average cost for building an addition to your home in 2018 is about $42,000. Delaware County home additions average about $47,500, but the typical range is between $25,000 and $71,000. The exact price will depend on the type and size of addition that you need.

If you are adding an extra room, for example, costs usually range from $80 to $200 per square foot. If you choose to go with a sunroom, which is usually more budget friendly than adding an extra bedroom or family room, you are looking at costs ranging from as little as $16,000 for an average sunroom to $70,000+ for larger sunrooms that include footings and a slab foundation.

What Is the First Step in Building an Addition?

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The first step in building an addition is to evaluate the functionality that is needed with the new space you’d like to create. It could be that you need an extra bedroom as your children grow older; perhaps you’d like a really spacious and luxurious family room, or maybe you’d just like a little extra space for some peace and quiet.

Next, think through the details. Do you need plenty of windows for sunshine? Will the addition face north or south? Do you want to be able to hook up your entertainment system or gaming system? Are extra closets needed?

Then start putting together some preliminary plans for your addition, pulling inspiration from sources like architectural magazines, Pinterest, or Houzz. It may be smart to hire an architect to draw up plans for the addition. They can also help with ideas for layout, storage, and other possibilities for the new room. During this process, make sure to establish a budget for your project, and remember to allow about 10 percent of your budget for unforeseen expenses, which always seem to come up.

How Do I Hire a General Contractor?

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The next step in the process is to begin looking for a general contractor. Most people start by getting recommendations from friends or family. You can also study the websites of potential general contractors, paying special attention to portfolios, testimonials, and reviews. You should also check with your local Better Business Bureau, your local building inspector, and your state consumer protection agency; you do not want to get involved with contractors who have a long history of disputes or complaints lodged against them.

Next, you should conduct some phone interviews to get a better feel for the contractors you are considering. After narrowing your choices down to three or four, arrange to meet with them to get estimates and have any questions answered. It’s important to choose a contractor whom you can communicate with and with whom you feel at ease.

To be thorough, some experts recommend that you make contact with former clients and ask to see the finished product in person. Then visit one of their current job sites to evaluate a work in progress. Watch out for contractors that have a messy, dangerous job site. Look for contractors that make an effort to seal off the work area from the living area of the home. A good contractor will work hard to maintain the privacy, health, and safety of the family during the project. To reduce the amount of dust, dirt, and mud tracked in, look for a stone entry to and from the work site.

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Now ask your short list of contractors for their bids. They should want to see your completed blueprints and ask for a general idea of the budget you are working with. On their bids, ask them to break down materials, labor, profit margins, and other expenses. Most of the time, this will break down into 40% for materials with a 15 – 20% profit margin and the rest for overhead (including labor).

Your next step is to evaluate the bids and take a look at the payment schedule they propose. Be suspicious of contractors that want half of the bid upfront, because that usually means one of two things: that they figure you won’t sign off when you see the finished project, or that they have major financial problems. Usually, the payment schedule for a larger project will look something like this:

  • 10% at contract signing
  • 25% evenly spaced over the project
  • 15% at the end when everything has been completed

Will an Addition Add Value to My Home?

Delaware County home additions should indeed add value to your home. You may not get as much of a return on investment as you would get with a remodel, but if you are adding to the square footage of your home, you will see an increase in value. You can usually expect to see a 49% return on investment for sunrooms, 63% for master suite additions, and 53% for bathrooms.

What Is the Next Step?

Once you’ve selected a contractor, a contract will be drawn up that includes the details for every step of the project. The goal of a contract is to ensure a successful renovation. Expect to receive itemized lists of things like the payment schedule, start date, project completion date, proof of liability insurance, and list of specific materials to be used.

The Best Delaware County Home Additions Contractor

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If you are considering building an addition to your home, contact Alan Mancill Builders. We are Delaware County’s most trusted general contractor, with over 40 years experience. Whether it’s a simple addition to a late model home, or a more challenging addition on a home dating back hundreds of years, we can help make your dreams a reality.