Read This Before You Build a New Garage

Your garage may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “home renovation,” but it’s a much more exciting remodel project than you may think. If you build a new garage, you can create a variety of opportunities and beneficial changes. It’s an upgrade that will not only add value to your home, but add value to your everyday life. Let’s discuss the ways you can upgrade your garage and how those changes will fulfill a variety of purposes.

Why Do You Want to Build a New Garage?

Depending on how you would like to utilize your garage, you have different options for upgrading the space. Once you identify the main function of your garage, you can choose the features that work best for you.


two car garage

The most obvious use for a garage is to store your vehicles. One reason for a garage upgrade is if you purchased a bigger car that you’d like more space for, or if you would like to be able to store multiple vehicles. Most households have more than one vehicle and single-car garages are very common. Having a garage for all your family’s cars allows you all to avoid harsh weather when entering your vehicles and provides coverage and protection for each car as well.


garage tools

If your hobbies include activities unsuitable for the indoors, your garage could be the perfect workspace. Whether you like to refurbish furniture, paint masterpieces, or repair household items, with the right changes your garage could become your favorite place. There are several features that can transform a simple garage into a studio allowing you to spend more time on your projects and do so in a safe and effective manner without having to be outdoors.


Over time, every family accumulates lots and lots of items that need an organized and safe place to be stored. Seasonal home décor, kids’ sporting equipment, tool boxes, and toys all need somewhere to stay while not in use. With the proper adjustments, a garage can turn a mess of miscellaneous possessions into a well-organized, easy-to-navigate storage room. No more tripping over boxes or shoving things into closets—tidy up your life with a garage remodel!

You may use, or want to use, your garage for any or all of these purposes. The beauty of a garage upgrade is that there are multiple features you can choose from to meet your wants and needs.

What are your Options?

So, what can you do when remodeling a garage? There are several possibilities to pick and choose from in order to create the perfect custom garage that fits your lifestyle and improves the functionality of your home.


large garage

Creating a garage with ample space is an obvious way to upgrade the area. An expansion of your existing garage will allow you to fit more vehicles, have more storage room, and provide extra activity space. You can also build a brand-new garage with the range and capacity that you desire. This upgrade can be done on both attached and detached garages and an experienced general contractor will help you design the space so that an attached garage works perfectly for your home or a detached garage sits nicely on your property.

Protection and Insulation

Your garage needs to be protected from the elements to prevent damage. You can have your garage’s concrete sealed in order to prevent cracking and other surface issues. You may also choose to insulate your garage to keep the temperature regulated so you are not only able to exist comfortably in the space, but also any items kept in the garage are protected in an environmentally controlled area.


garage ventilation

Adding proper ventilation systems to your garage is an important safety step. If you start your vehicle inside, you want to make sure carbon monoxide is not getting trapped. Also, working with paint or other chemicals with harmful fumes will be much safer in a well-ventilated area.

Work Bench

garage work bench

If you’re looking to use your garage as an at-home workspace, you can have a workbench and other features installed that maximize efficiency during projects and allow you to stay organized. No matter what tasks you’ll be taking on in the garage, a general contractor can create a customized design for the space that fits all your wants and needs. Once your construction team has finished their work, it’s time for you to get started on yours!

Storage Units

Additional features a general contractor can install for you are storage units like shelves, cabinets, and other organizational components. In order to keep your most important items coordinated, cataloged, and easily within reach, work with your contractor to develop a personalized layout.

Build a New Garage with Mancill Builders

A garage can create opportunity and value. When you’re ready to build a new garage, Mancill Builders will be here to help. We will assist you every step of the way and provide you with guidance, communication, and top-notch results. Our clients’ satisfaction has always been the most important aspect of our work for the past 40 years of serving the community. Don’t wait for your dream home any longer—contact Mancill Builders today and get started on your new garage.