Exterior Siding Options for Your Home

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Choosing which exterior siding option you want for your home is one of the biggest choices you’ll make with new construction. There are many different choices and each of them have different pros and cons to weigh. In this article we’ll be going through some characteristics to consider when choosing exterior siding as well as… Read more »

Energy Efficient New Construction

Energy efficient new construction
Energy efficiency has been a buzz word for decades now, but our interest in it hasn’t gone away. Today just about every industry is striving to be more energy efficient than it was in the past, from car manufacturing to new home construction. And while there are many reasons why people are interested in building… Read more »

10 Benefits of Buying New Construction Homes

buying new construction
Buying a new construction home can mean you are looking to purchase anything from a blank plot of land to build a home on to a recently completed home. As long as you are the first residential owner of the home it is considered new construction. And as with anything that is new, there are… Read more »

Hire a General Contractor for your next Home Renovation

hiring a general contractor
A home renovation is an exciting project that can completely change your home and improve your daily life. However, they can be stressful and taxing without the support and assistance from a knowledgeable team. Homeowners may believe that this is a task that can be tackled without hiring a general contractor, but it’s important that… Read more »

Popular Home Styles — Which one is Right for You?

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The first step of designing a custom home is choosing which home style is right for you. There is a vast variety of designs that meet different aesthetic desires and practical needs. Depending on your personal preference, you may even take elements from different home styles to create a totally customized household. Let’s discuss some… Read more »

Upgrade Your Household with Energy Efficient Home Improvements

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Our homes use an extremely high amount of energy from heating and cooling to laundry machines, and it’s important to consider the impact that has on our environment and our wallets. There are several options available to decrease the amount of energy we use within our households that not only make economic and environmental sense,… Read more »

Read This Before You Build a New Garage

build a new garage
Your garage may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “home renovation,” but it’s a much more exciting remodel project than you may think. If you build a new garage, you can create a variety of opportunities and beneficial changes. It’s an upgrade that will not only add value to… Read more »

Customize Your Exterior Living Spaces with Outdoor Accessories

outdoor accessories
You have a beautiful outdoor space that you’re ready to customize. Your backyard oasis is what you make of it, so let’s start brainstorming. There are several outdoor accessories that can take your patio, deck, porch, or backyard to the next level. What would you like to be able to do in your outdoor area?… Read more »

Designing a Finished Basement – Don’t Forget Your GC!

finished basement
A newly finished basement provides a brand-new space for lounging, entertaining, and family gatherings. A finished basement can function as a fully-equipped bar, personal gym, or a home theater. It’s important to understand the steps involved in finishing a basement and how a general contractor can assist with this home improvement. Finishing a Basement –… Read more »

Home Renovation Ideas for Spring

home renovation ideas
Spring is a great time to start fresh by breathing new life into your home. In addition to spring cleaning, a home improvement project is another way to rejuvenate your house and ring in the new season. There are several reasons to renovate during the spring and plenty of projects that will get your home… Read more »